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Brisk-paced brilliance

This lack of pretension is the album’s prevailing quality

This record, released in 2009, represents an ideal illustration of how a sense of logic-imbued poise alimented by clear-mindedness and class is enough to convert an album that would otherwise sound pretty normal into an episode in which delicacy and intricacy weigh the same, ultimately sustaining our interest over the course of several spins. Helped by vibraphonist Jim Hart, bassist Jasper Høiby and drummer James Maddren, pianist Neame leads us through a series of compositions that mix a few retro elements amidst quirky themes and an enormous amount of fragmented tempos. Nevertheless, he manages to make everything appear very natural; this lack of pretension is the album’s prevailing quality, permitting a thorough enjoyment of the whole thanks to the superiority of a light-handed, brisk-paced brilliance upon the (still existent) tendency to earlier-era jazz-rock’s formulas. Thankfully, the redemption comes under the guise of profound harmonic openings in which the leader exploits the available space via gracefully orthodox reflective moods.

– Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, 3rd Dec 2010

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